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                       ERIC HAYNES MUSIC




                                                                    I am a Singer/Song Writer who is a US ARMY IRAQ WAR VETERAN! I have Loved and been around music all my Life and went to concerts with my Father as a child growing up, but never officially sang until I was an adult. I have been writing and singing in my bedroom since age 15 years old. My Service Dog Ciara whom also is a Former US Military Special Forces Bomb Sniffing​ Dog, before taking on the task of Serving as My Precious Partner Both on and Off Stage and in my every day Life's Tasks, it was she who broke the cycle of showing me I had more to offer to this world than keeping my talents behind closed doors all my life as I had. We now not only serve our Great Local Community of Upstate NY with Music, but have have the fun time of Auditioning in NYC for Americas Got Talent in 2018, working with such well know names as "HEIDI NEWFIELD" formally of "Trick Pony", "Louisa Branscomb" amazing Blue Grass Artist and Numerous Song Writer of the Year, and Grand Ole Opry Legend. I have also sang, written and done some recording with the amazing Loki Burke (Kay and the Miracle Cure), one I actually Proposed to my fiance' with and also Tom Colliar and the Great "HELD HOSTAGE" Band Whom is Tearing up the ROCK AND ROLL world with their tremendous lyrics and stage persona taking the Rock and Roll World to another Lever and Leading the Way for all to Follow in 2022! These and so many more tremendous artists, bands and workers along the way we have been able to work with that make our music journey happen. You can see some photos of these in our Gallery. Thanks To all who make This Dream a Reality You allow us to Do what we Love!

                               3rd annual Military Appreciation Concert 

                           Center Court Saturday November 5, 2022 4PM​

                                      Finger Lakes Mall Auburn, NY

                         "TEARS OF JOY"

                          OUR JOURNEY

                    "ERIC IN THE MEDIA"

                                                                                                         Four-Legged Love and Support

                                                                                        AUBURN VETERAN HOSTS BENEFIT CONCERT

                                                                                                VETERAN ADVOCATE MUSICIAN PART 1

                                                                                                VETERAN ADVOCATE MUSICIAN PART 2

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